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Fwd: RE: xmlBlaster adapter

Dear Marcel,

Fred trying to XMLBlaster component for openadapter.
Would you please to assist Fred ? If you don't mind....

Best Regards,
Budi Wiyono

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Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2001 09:27:40 +0100
Subject:  RE: xmlBlaster adapter

Hi Budi,

> Is there anyone with a xmlBlaster adapter who is willing to share it ?
> About xmlBlaster: http://www.xmlblaster.org/

I guess not.

I downloaded and played around - the simple examples work out of the box but
I am having a problem running an XmlBlasterSink that I threw together...

It seems to be environment related but I can't see what I am doing
differently, when I run the clientSub example it connects to the ORB based
on defaults some defaults.

> 15-Jun-01 09:15:56 INFO  CorbaConnection-ClientSub: Accessing xmlBlaster
AuthServer IOR using builtin
> http connection, host and port 7609

But when I run an adaptor with XmlBlasterSink if fails.

> [01/06/15 09:26:55.822] FATAL: RunAdaptor: Failed to construct new
RunAdaptor with C2 failed to connect > to server org.omg.CORBA.INITIALIZE:
can't instantiate default ORB implementation jacorb.orb.ORB  minor > code: 0
completed: No

Are you familiar with this product? Do you want to help create XmlBlaster

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Attachment: XmlBlasterSink.java
Description: Binary data

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <!-- Created using the openadaptor Adaptor Framework Editor on -->
  <!--     Fri Jun 15 08:52:56 GMT+01:00 2001 -->
  <!-- To run this adaptor framework use the following command: -->
  <!--     java org.openadaptor.adaptor.RunAdaptor A.props <adaptor-name> -->
  <!-- To look at this adaptor framework using the openadaptor Adaptor Framework Editor -->
  <!-- use the following command: -->
  <!--     java org.openadaptor.adaptor.editor.AFEditor A.props -->
    <!-- Adaptor A - Adaptor Properties -->
      <!-- Adaptor A - Component Controller -->
      <!-- Adaptor A - Component Controller SimpleController -->
      <!-- Adaptor A - Component Logging -->
    <!-- Adaptor A - Component Names -->
      <!-- Adaptor A - Component C1 BenchmarkSource -->
      <!-- Adaptor A - Component C2 FileSink -->
        <!-- Adaptor A - Component C2 MessageWriter.MessageFormat.V2 -->
      <!-- Adaptor A - Component C2 DelimitedStringWriter -->