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about Persistence.LazyRecovery / Recovering state after shutdown

I would like to know more about Persistence.LazyRecovery...

What is it for ?
Is for recovering MOM states after a crash or clean shutdown ?

What's about its status ?
Because it's writing "Only false is supported in the moment" in file

Well, I need to exchange datas between two computers (a Linux website and as400 server),
and want to use a MOM for that reasons :
- Asynchoronous. The applications on both sides can operate on different times and on
different speeds.
- Connecting systems across unreliable networks such as the Internet.
- Connecting systems wich implements differents protocols and langages.

So, I don't really need speed, but really need a good persistence of messages.
And never loosing data ;o)

Thanx to all,

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