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synchronous GET and destination in QOS


I try to understand the use of 'destination' in QOS used with synchronous get().

The test is made from file : testsuite/org/xmlBlaster/TestGet.java, in sub testGet().
at step 2 (publish) I add a destination in the QOS.
         String qos =
            + ME        // Tim
            + "<ForceQueuing />"

With this, the .get() no more run, the key is not found.
modified TestGet.class trace :

ERROR myTestGet.java:184-Tim: XmlBlasterException for trying to get a message: The key
'myTestGet' is not available.
INFO  Tim: Success, erased a message
Exception found location=myTestGet.java:97
ERROR myTestGet.java:97-Tim: Erased 0 messages:
INFO  Tim: Success, logged out

How can I get a message with a destination ?
Have we to change setp 3 (Get a message) from EXACT to XPATH with a destination query ???

In asynchronous mode (implement I_Callback), I got well the message.
I only can't get the message in synchronous get() mode.

I hope to be clear enough ... ;o{
my English is not as fluid as my French ...


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