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Hello Everybody,
I'm getting strange problem like File not found when i try to publish the file, eventhough the file is present in the directory i specified.  I'm doing this from the JSP page
the following are the errors,
Aug 14, 2001 12:15:29 PM INFO  CorbaConnection-pmk: Accessing xmlBlaster AuthSer
ver IOR using builtin http connection, host and port 7609
Exception found location=_0005cecwShowOrder_0002ejspecwShowOrder_jsp_0.java:1058
Aug 14, 2001 12:15:35 PM ERROR _0005cecwShowOrder_0002ejspecwShowOrder_jsp_0.jav
a:1058-pmk: id=FileUtil reason=Sorry, doesn't seem to be a file ORD00076_A10000.
xml or is empty
id=FileUtil reason=Sorry, doesn't seem to be a file ORD00076_A10000.xml or is em
        at org.jutils.io.FileUtil.readFile(FileUtil.java:165)
        at _0005cecwShowOrder_0002ejspecwShowOrder_jsp_0._jspService(_0005cecwSh
When i try this this from other (stand alone) it's running fine. Can anybody tell me what's the problem.