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RE: getqname

	Of course you are right. I knew there was nothing in the
classpath but there is a copy of xerces.jar in the ext directory. I'll
see what happens if I move that out of the way. The question is, why
does xmlBlaster break with this SAX parser? Which is the more recent and
what will break if I use the one bundled with xmlBlaster instead? I
suppose that I will soon find out the answers. Thanks for the rapid
help, I didn't think of looking in the ext directory right away.
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Graham Heyes wrote:
> Hello Folks,
> 	I'm trying to run the demo for xmp-rpc on Windows. I get the
> following error when I start xmlBlaster and also when I run the
> ERROR NoSuchMethodError: org.sax.Attributes: method
> getQName(I)java/lang/String; not found
> I'm using the version of SAX packaged with XML blaster with jdk1.3.0
> from IBM.
> Any ideas about what is wrong? I'm just starting out and fell at the
> first hurdle ;^(

Hi Graham,

i believe you have some other SAX parser lurking around
in your CLASSPATH or in your JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext etc. directories.



Marcel Ruff
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