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Exception found location=Authenticate.java:549


I'd just downloaded the last CVS update of xmlBlaster.
I didn't try to know more about the error, because I'm stille learning xmlBlaster.
But, I've just a little code wich make a login then publish.

The server throw a exception ,
here is the peace of the trace wich the exception at the end :

CALL  RequestBroker: Entering publish(oid='__sys__UserList', contentMime='text/plain',
contentMimeExtended='') ...
TRACE RequestBroker: Doing publish() in Pub/Sub style
TRACE RequestBroker: Handle the new arrived Pub/Sub message ...
TRACE MessageUnitHandler: Setting content of xmlKey __sys__UserList
TRACE MessageUnitWrapper.setContent(): changed=true ,
persistenceDriver=org.xmlBlaster.engine.persistence.filestore.FileDriver at 68d0d649 ,
TRACE MessageUnitHandler: Going to update dependent clients, subscriberMap.size() = 0
TRACE RequestBroker: Refreshed internal state for '__sys__UserList'
TRACE ClientSubscriptions: Logout event for client mySender, removing entries
TRACE ClientSubscriptions: Removing client mySender from clientSubscriptionMap ...
TRACE ClientSubscriptions.ClientDoesntExist: Sorry, can't remove client subscription for
mySender, client never subscribed something
TRACE ClientSubscriptions: removing client mySender from querySubscribeRequestsSet ...
TRACE BigXmlKeyDOM: Logout event for client mySender
INFO  CallbackCorbaDriver: Shutdown of CORBA callback client done.
INFO  Authenticate: Successful logout for client mySender
Exception found location=Authenticate.java:549
ERROR Authenticate.java:549-Authenticate: Inconsistent client maps,
aomClientInfoMap.size()=0 and loginNameClientInfoMap.size()=1
CALL  Authenticate: -------END-logout()---------

I remenber getting this kind of exception with the dump ( 'd' ) command at xmlBlaster's
server console.
But ruff repared it ;o)


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