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About the use of xmlBlaster in WebServer <=> Office messages exchanges


This mail to expose one more time my problem,
which, few weeks ago I'd spoke about it under the subject 'synchronous
GET and destination in QOS'.

The context is 2 servers and some messages to exchange between them.
Normal ...
But I've got a problem when I want to make asynchronous and safety
The text that follows can contain mistakes because I'm not sure of my
xmlBlaster knowledge ...

For that case, some criteria are inevitable :

    - need to use persistence to keep messages if server come down (for
maintenance or update).
    so, use of <isDurable />

    - need a destination for the message. Destination could be off-line
because busy with another job. for this case, the office server has many
jobs to do, so it will consult xmlBlaster for new messages only few
times in a day to get all its messages.
    so, use of <destination> with <ForceQueuing />

In one way a sender's QoS like :
    <isDurable />
    <forceUpdate />
    <destination queryType='EXACT'>
        <ForceQueuing />

I would like to know how to manage the Receiver ???
Because it seem that we can't use the Get() method to get messages in
that case of QoS.

If I've to use the Update callback, and there is many messages and some
big messages to get, how can I know how long I should wait before
quitting with a status 'Got all messages' ?

Thanx to have read my mail,
and to think about an answer ;o)

Servers are :
a web server (linux, apache, java2, ...) wich will hostingxmlBlaster,
a office server (as400, java2, ...) wich will be a client of xmlBlaster.