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XmlBlasterException then no more connexion possible

Hi who are reading,

I've just modified the code testsuite / TestPtDQueue.java
Just make the senderContent to 100 Ko
to see what appends when message is bigger than the clientMessageQueue's
default max size.

The thing that first append is that Ulrike never receive the message ...

but if I lauch a second time the test TestPtDQueue, it's a
xmlBlasterExecption that's throwing :

Exception found location=XmlBlasterException.java:100
[9 oct. 01 21:58:43 ERROR XmlBlasterException.java:100
CORBA Callback of message '' to client
[Ulrike] failed,
reason=org.omg.CORBA.TRANSIENT: Retries exceeded,
couldn't connect to  minor code: 0  completed: No

to reproduce the incident, it's easy, just put 100 ko in variable

If some one get a idea, or perhaps Marcel again ;o)