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Re: code design guideline question

Cyrille Giquello wrote:
Hi Marcel,
and other if there some ;o)

I would like a code design guideline.

How to make change that xmlBlaster.engine.ClientInfo can call a method of
xmlBlaster.engine.RequestBroker ?
I didn't find any clean idea.

What's for ?
hehe ... ;o)
It's for my very old need : erasing PTP Persistent message.
So I need to tell to the RequestBroker.persistenceDriver that it can erase a message Id.
At next server restart the message will not be loaded again.

I just used your TestPersistence2 testcase. It seems that the

   strArr = senderConnection.erase(xmlKey, qos)

porperly erases the persistent message.


disappears after erase() as expected.

What is different in your case?


Thanks for comment & idea.

-- Cyrille / Ktaland

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