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how to start/stop a distant xmlBlaster server ?


How can we cleanly start & stop a distant xmlBlaster running in
background on a Linux system ?
What about your experience ?

I tried : start.sh &
then shell say :

    [1]+  Stopped (tty input)     ./start.sh
    [xmlblaster at www2 xmlblaster]$ exit
    There are stopped jobs.
    [xmlblaster at www2 xmlblaster]$ jobs
    [1]+  Stopped (tty input)     ./start.sh
    [xmlblaster at www2 xmlblaster]$

if I can find a solution for starting, how can then stop xmlBlaster  ?

Context :
1/ connect via ssh to a linux box,
2/ lauch xmlBlaster to running in background : start.sh &
3/ logout
4/ how to stop xmlBlaster without kill java process ?