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Re: xmlBlaster & Firewall

Cyrille Giquello wrote:

Hi xmlBlaster's user !

A question about firewall configuration :

the xmlBlaster client (named xbC) is behind a firewall,
xmlBlaster server (named xbS) is on Internet.

I need to know wich port to open on the firewall for xbS => xbC, eg :
callBack message.
So, I know that depends from protocol used. I would like to use corba
with JacORB.

Can U tell me your experiences what ever protocol or other constraints


Hi Cyrille,

for XML-RPC this is easy, so i start with this:

1. The server starts for example with:

   java org.xmlBlaster.Main -xmlrpc.hostname hostA
                            -xmlrpc.port 6002

and listens on:


so you need to open port 6002

2. If the client wishes callbacks:

   java javaclients.ClientSub -client.protocol XML-RPC
                              -xmlrpc.hostnameCB hostB
                              -xmlrpc.portCB 6007

so the clienthost needs to open port 6007 on hostB

For CORBA this is easy as well, so here it is.

   java -DOAPort=6002 -DOAIAddr=hostA org.xmlBlaster.Main
   java -DOAPort=6007 -DOAIAddr=hostB javaclients.ClientSub

Now the server listens on 6002 on hostA
and the client listens on 6007 on hostB.

Note that if you use our builtin IOR download,
you need to open port 7609 as well.
Adjust this with:

   java -DOAPort=6002 -DOAIAddr=localhost org.xmlBlaster.Main
                      -iorHost localhost -iorPort 6003

Setting iorPort to 0 switches this feature off, but then
you need to find other ways to transfer the server IOR.
For example by using a naming service and corbaloc or emailing
the IOR or whatever.

Don't forget to switch off the protocols you don't need in xmlBlaster.properties.

If you use Linux (or another UNIX) check the ports used with

   lsof -i

so you have full control what happens.

   I don't know what Windows is, so i can't help you here.



-- Marcel Ruff mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de http://www.lake.de/home/lake/swand/ http://www.xmlBlaster.org