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Re: Trouble running the demos...

Srini_Vasan at avid.com wrote:

Hi Marcel,

Thanks for the quick response!

Please try the client again with '-dump true' :

java -classpath lib/xmlBlaster.jar javaclients.ClientSub -client.protocol XML-RPC -dump true

The log output should have a CDATA section like:

     <securityService type="simple" version="1.0">
      <session timeout='3600000' maxSessions='6'>

Do you have some multiple ']]>' ??

I did exactly as you said but I get the same response :-( I am obviously doing something silly...

I tried the latest xmlrpc.jar file ( rc1 from apache.org) but then the server
files miserably ( some security violation).... Is there a plan to move
xmlblaster to this version of xmlrpc ?

Yes we can do this.


-- Marcel Ruff mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de http://www.lake.de/home/lake/swand/ http://www.xmlBlaster.org