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[xmlblaster] integration of Xindice in xmlBlaster


I just commited the first alpha release of an integration of Xindice
(dbXML) as an implementation of a persistence layer

To use it, you need a dbXML installed and running (I tested and developed
with 1.0b4). For members of the xmlBlaster list: you can get it at

Add according to your dbXML installation similar to your
$HOME/.[bash|ksh|zsh]rc file:
# dbXML
export DBXML_HOME=/opt/dbXML-Core-1.0b4
export PATH=${PATH}:$DBXML_HOME/bin
export CLASSPATH=${DBXML_HOME}/java/lib/dbXML.jar
export CLASSPATH=${CLASSPATH}:${DBXML_HOME}/java/lib/xmldb.jar
export CLASSPATH=${CLASSPATH}:${DBXML_HOME}/java/lib/juggernaut-1.0.jar
export CLASSPATH=${CLASSPATH}:${DBXML_HOME}/java/lib/openorb-1.2.0.jar
export CLASSPATH=${CLASSPATH}:${DBXML_HOME}/java/lib/xerces-1.4.3.jar
export CLASSPATH=${CLASSPATH}:${DBXML_HOME}/java/lib/xalan-2.0.1.jar

Do a new login, update your checked-out release and rebuild all.

In the meanwhile start a new xterm,
do a
start the dbXML (if it's not running anyway)
$ ./start

Copy the config/xmlblaster.properties.templates to $HOME or edit
it manually. You need to activate:

# (or wherever your db is running)
# (which you need to create manually, but only once, by:
$ dbxmladmin ac -c /db -n xmlBlaster
check with:
$ dbxmladmin lc -c /db

Start the xmlBlaster.

if you can see something like:

[Jan 14, 2002 12:53:58 AM WARN  XindiceDriver] * * * This Driver is under
development, it may not be used for production environment! * * *
[Jan 14, 2002 12:53:58 AM INFO  XindiceDriver] using collectionPath
[Jan 14, 2002 12:53:58 AM INFO  RequestBroker] Loaded persistence driver
[Jan 14, 2002 12:53:58 AM INFO  XindiceDriver] Successfully got 1 stored
message-oids from xmldb:dbxml:///db/xmlBlaster

you're on the right way ;-)
It says which driver the persistence layer is using and that it got 1
message restored from it.

Publish some messages which are tagged 'durable', you can do this by using
the qos-tag:

      String qos = "<qos>" +
                   "   <isDurable />" +

Check, if you want, by using for example
$ dbxml ld -c /db/xmlBlaster


Total documents: 3

and list a single content by using:
$ dbxml rd -c /db/xmlBlaster -n amIdurable-XmlKey.xml
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<key oid="amIdurable" contentMime="text/plain">

Now you can to subscribe to your messages and see if they arrive well.

After restarting xmlBlaster all Messages tagged durable should be able to
subscribe to without being published now.

TRAPS/BUGS: What is with BLOBs? (question to Xindice-List):
            How can we store best binarie data?

TODO:       Need to finish Test-case!
            Simple demo!

Comments please.