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Re: [xmlblaster] about xml techno

Cyrille Giquello wrote:

Hi all,

I'm following all new event in xmlBlaster developement.
The last one is integration of dbXML. It's smell very nice ;o)

But, it's disturbing my mind ...
How to manage all this xml technologies in one product ?
Effectively, some troubles come in my brain :

2 xml parser : parser.jar vs xerces.jar ?

Yes, the XML parser mixing is a pain,
i don't know how to handle this.
I thougth of using an own classloader in xmlBlaster,
to hopefully overcome this issue.

There are to situations we have to discuss:

a) Server side.
  Problems arise with new plugins which have their
  own idea about XML and probably CORBA.
  Classloader approach?

b) The client side java based helper classes
  Here we should accept whatever the user wants to
  use (using HIS XML and CORBA, not ours)

Any better ideas?

2 corba engine : jacorb.jar vs openorb.jar ?

See above.

Perhaps I'm just confused by all that name ?....

Me too, every day new strange things happen on this
world, which keeps me curious ...

Thanks for putting your fingers on this topic,


-- Marcel Ruff mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de http://www.lake.de/home/lake/swand/ http://www.xmlBlaster.org