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Re: [xmlblaster] multiple callbacks

Wolfgang Kleinertz wrote:


Just a little question:
Is it possible to have a callback for each subscibtion and not just one
for per client?

I know that it was impossible in earlier version ...

It is still impossible, but on the urgent TODO list,
the callback framework has to be redesigned, and this
is one of the topics.

I have reserved the
  Jan.28 to Feb.1 2002
to redesign and code the new framework, which includes the requirements
(see www.xmlBlaster.org -> Link: Reference handbook):


- engine.qos.login.callback  (Change request)

- engine.qos.login.OfflineQueuing


- engine.qos.subscribe.OfflineQueuing

- engine.qos.timeToLive

- Support message priority

- Support callback failover

Subscriptions should have the possibility to have there
own callbacks, it should be possible to add/remove
callbacks dynamically, it should be possible to delegate
the callback to other clients (who possibly have not the
ability to register there callback themselve).

Please add new requirements (to xmlBlaster/doc/requirements directory)
or edit the existings, discuss them on xmlblaster-devel so i have
a clear understanding of the demands.

If i have precise requirements formulated, i can build testcases,
and then code to get the desired behaviour.