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Re: [xmlblaster] multiple callbacks #2

Wolfgang Kleinertz wrote:


Just a little question:
Is it possible to have a callback for each subscibtion and not just one
for per client?

I know that it was impossible in earlier version ...

Possibly i understood your question wrong,
here is another answer:

If you want to dispatch the subscription to your client java class
which can handle it, this feature is implemented already,
for example:

XmlBlasterConnection con = ... // login etc.
SubscribeKeyWrapper key = new SubscribeKeyWrapper("//stock", "XPATH");
SubscribeQosWrapper qos = new SubscribeQosWrapper();
try {
con.subscribe(key.toXml(), qos.toXml(), new I_Callback() {
public void update(String name, UpdateKey updateKey, byte[] content, UpdateQoS updateQoS) {
System.out.println("Receiving message for '//stock' subscription ...");
} catch(XmlBlasterException e) {

You can pass your own specialized I_Callback handling class for each subscribe.
So you don't need to dispatch incoming messages in a central update()
implementation with ugly switch() case coding.