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[xmlblaster] Disconnected clients


We have been working on pub/sub mechanisms for RSS (a lightweight XML news
format) news feed distribution for several years and recently started
looking at the pub/sub model for more general XML content.  I have just come
across xmlBlaster and sense that it closely fits our problem domain.

I have a couple of questions:

Has anyone built an application which notifies a large number of subscribers
by email or WAP Push?  In my view this scenario is different from the other
clients in that there is no callback intelligence in the WAP browser or
email model, so a proxy for these subscriptions must be built.  I took a
look at the code for the xmlBlaster email client, and can see a model for
sending email to several addresses for a single subscription.  The
xmlBlaster email client seems to be acting as a proxy for the dumb

In the case where 100 email subscribers have 100 different subscriptions,
would it be best to have 100 xmlBlaster email client instances (each
understanding one address and having one subscription), or to have a
separate single email sub-system which understood 100 addresses and had 100
subscriptions to the xmlBlaster server?

I hope that my questions make sense - many thanks if you have explored this
area and can offer guidance.


James Carlyle