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Re: [xmlblaster] documentation generation with Doxygen

Hello Cyrille,

On Fri, 22 Feb 2002, Cyrille Giquello wrote:

>Hello Heinrich,
>Perhaps this "first" generation is enough for a first "official" publication in
>xmlBlaster files tree.
>Then, when a finest generation will exists, it will be a update.
>> >Just that the left frame for menu is very heavy to load ...
>> >And is little buggy with IE ;o{
>> What is IE ;-)
>> But the leftframe is a hard one, indeed.
>> Is it generating automatically somehow, say once a day/night so we are
>> up to cvs (more or less) all the time?
>the demo version (http://www1.ktaland.com/docs/xmlBlaster/) is a static generation.
>A "one shoot" will I'm testing this new discovery ;o)
It's very good looking, I'll set this up for my actual project (which
is much smaller) next week.
>I don't know who is managing the xmlBlaster Web server.
well, it's Marcel and me, mostly....

> but to make a automatique
>generation, he has to install Dexygen & Graphviz.
>All that 2 softwares come with documentations and was very fast to install & run.

The 'global source tagging' and 'javadoc' runs automatically once a
night, as well as the 'perlfect' search indexer.
The 'mhonarc' runs every 10 Minutes

>I can help for that task.
>I use to manage 3 linux box with many add-one software.
Let me know what nice settings you'll find out.