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Re: [xmlblaster] publish/subscribe and queueing

Cyrille Giquello wrote:
Mathieu Longtin a écrit :


I have an application that requires multiple clients to read from a queue,
with a backlog of 72 hours. All client should see all messages in the queue,
any new clients should be able to read all the messages in the backlog. It
is not know in advance when a new client will appear.

Is this possible with xmlBlaster?

Yes. all your needs seems to fit in xmlBlaster technology. try to install and run demo code. You'll see it in live.

I think it is currently not so easy, i believe we need some tricks. A queue is only opened for PtP messages (which is not the case here) and for registered callbacks (which is not the case here either, since the new client is not known in advance).

Currently you could add a specialized client, subscribing to those
messages and queue them (with 72 hour timeout).
On login event (or on request) they can be flushed to a new client.
It should only be some lines of code.

With the currently ongoing queue redesign (pre alpha on a CVS branch)
this should be possible directly.



Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de