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Re: [xmlblaster] XML RPC callbacks and 'embedding' xmlbaster

Rob Walker wrote:
We're part way through an OSGi based application framework, and have reached a need for XML/RPC callbacks (all code is in Java).

One option we were considering is seeing if we could "embed" XMLBLASTER to satisfy this need. Our framework already has a servlet based HTTP server (based on Siena) on both the client and server app sides. So we'd be looking to hook the listener/socket handling code in via the existing web server.

Any views on steep the task of embedding the relevant parts of xmlblaster would be?

Embeding xmlBlaster is easy, see


how to start xmlBlaster as a thread.

An example how to use you find in


(and TestFailSavePing.java or TestPersistence2.java)



Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de