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Re: [xmlblaster] New xmlBlaster session handling

On Tue, 12 Mar 2002, Marcel Ruff wrote:

>Here is an example of a fully specified callback QoS:
><callback type='XML-RPC' sessionId='4e56890ghdFzj0'
>           pingInterval='60000' retries='5' delay='10000'
>           useForSubjectQueue='true'>
>    http://server:8080/cb
>    <compress type='gzip' minSize='1000'/>
>    <burstMode collectTime='400'/>
>* Use XmlRpc to callback, on error retry 5 times
>   pausing 10000 millis (10 sec) between retries
>* Deliver the given sessionId with update() to the client so that
>   the client can trust us.
>* Ping the client every 60000 millis (one minute) to check if he
>   is alive.
>* The given callback may be used by the subjectQueue as well
>* Compress messages bigger 1000 bytes before sending them to me.
>* Collect messages for 400 milliseconds and update them in one
>   callback (burst mode)
>All have configurable default values.
>Heinrich & Cyrille are you happy with it?

No kidding this sounds good to me.
The ping we're talking about here is not a ping in ISO-OSI Layer 3 but a
ping-like message, initialized by the xmlBlaster itself.

When I got it right blaster-ping and update handled equivalent.
If no update happend during the last 'pingInterval'-time, a blaster-ping
is published. Both, the blaster-ping as well as the update (if any)
decreasing the 'retries'-counter. If the counter is 0, the
connection will be closed. the ping-stuff is optional (for local usage
for example there might be no need).