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Re: [xmlblaster] Email CallbackAddress


which OS are you using?
Do you work on a release or on the latest cvs-version?

I just tried with the latest cvs and it seem not to work, but on an older
checkout I have, it runs. I'll send you a callback eMail.

Probably some changes occure due to the new callback framework Marcel
added recently.



On Mon, 25 Mar 2002, Martin Johnson wrote:

>I'm trying to get the ClientSubEmail sample to work, I have done as advised
>for the property files for xmlBlaster etc so that the email protocol driver
>is loaded for callbacks and the smtp server address is valid.
>What happens for me is, the sample will recv a callback via IOR and no
>EMAILs arrive to the set email address. The Javadoc is scanty on this and
>the Reference Handbook is the only place with reference. I think this is
>great feature of xmlBlaster I would love to experiment.
>Martin Johnson