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Re: [xmlblaster] Email Callback cont


On Wed, 27 Mar 2002, Martin Johnson wrote:

>At home I'm on NT 4 sp6 with java 1.4b3
I'm sorry to tell you that I'm not familiar with email on NT. The message
I send you came from a Linux-box. so I can't help you much on this now.

>Yes I got the message. I was advised by Mecel to go to the latest CVS
He's right on that.

>Oh well. I hope it is a priority to get it working again.
It is sure some priority ;-) It will work soon I guess.

>What is recommended, go with CVS or the release version.
Well, this gives me a smile. Basicly the CVS is the recommended version.
But in your case I'd recomend to use some older release only to check how
and if the email subscription is working.