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[xmlblaster] Re: Re. your IANA registered ports

Andrew Daviel wrote:

I am working on a list of Internet ports and services as a
service to the Intrusion Detection community. While many copies
exist of the Unix /etc/services file and the IANA registered ports
list, I have not been able to find any definitive explanation of
how the various registered services are used, with the exception of
those which feature in an RFC, which I have attempted to discover
and list.

In the IANA list your name is associated with the following

xmlblaster      3412/udp   xmlBlaster

I was wondering if you could provide me with some brief information
on these services, such as one of:

- an RFC number
- The URL of a publicly-accessible standards document
- The URL of a publicly-accessible white paper or technical note
- A brief description of the service, which may be made publicly available
- If the protocol is proprietary, a contact URL or address

Hi Andrew,

xmlBlaster is a MoM (message oriented middleware) like for example
MQSeries from IBM, for more information see


We are developing cluster support, which shall allow distributed
xmlBlaster server instances over the intranet and internet.

The goal will be automatic discovery/lookup of xmlBlaster nodes.

The approach will cover multicast based discovery in the intranet
and port bound discovery over the internet.

The protocol for this port is not specified yet, it will
be used for 'bootstrapping' and for 'operational' data.

This allows us piercing firewalls with a well known port,
reducing the amount of administration.

If several air traffic control information systems distributed over
the globe (on airports) need to communicate in 'real time',
a well known port simplifies the task.

I hope this information is what you are looking after,



PS: I will send the mail to our mailing list as well.

Information collected will be available at http://andrew.triumf.ca/cgi-bin/port and may be replicated elsewhere.

Thank you for your time


Andrew Daviel
Security Manager
advax at triumf.ca
Vancouver, Canada

-- Marcel Ruff mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de http://www.lake.de/home/lake/swand/ http://www.xmlBlaster.org