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Re: [xmlblaster] How global's Global?

Heinrich Götzger wrote:


I just tried to get used to the new Global-Class introduced recently in

As I learned in 'xmlBlaster/demo/javaclients/HelloWorld3.java' it has to
be passed to the invoked methods and classes. Is there a way to get the
content of Global somewhere in the middle of the programm without taking
it along all the time?

For example by just calling something like
Global glob = Global.emerge();

Global is not Global ;-)

So there is no way to get the Global instance somewhere
on the way.
If you need Global (for logging or property access)
you need to pass it.

Global is a Global object for one xmlBlaster cluster node
or one XmlBlasterConnection thread.

This allows to start for example 4 xmlBlaster servers
in different threads and each has its own private
Or it allows to have 6 different connections to xmlBlaster
servers from a single client without dependency.