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Re: [xmlblaster] Point to Point messaging and callbacks

Maurice Finbarr O'Brien wrote:
Hi all,
I was just running an application i have been
developing for my final year project and i noticed
that i couldn't seem to use a specific callback
implementation when a client received a message
addressed to it in PtP mode,is there any way this is
possible eg a client is subscribed to a
contentMimeExtended value with a specialised callback
but is logged in to XMLBlaster with a
different/default callback, such that a message
directly addressed to the client and matching the
subscription is passed to the specialised callback
implementation rather than the generic/default one.
If this is possible, how can i achieve it?

Good idea as a new xmlBlaster extension.

A PtP message is not subscribed, it comes by itself.
We would need a filter for PtP messages delegating
PtP messages to a special callback channel.

Probably you can solve it for now by doing a second login
with its own callback.



Marcel Ruff
mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de