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Re: [xmlblaster] xml rpc guide

Mathieu Longtin wrote:
I'm trying to use XML-RPC with XML Blaster, and I was wondering if anyone
wrote some API documentation.

The java class documentation, although good to document a class, doesn't
document actual usage or how stuff fits together.


The server interface is

xmlBlaster/src/java/org/xmlBlaster/protocol/xmlrpc/XmlBlasterImpl.java and AuthenticateImpl.java for login.

For the xml syntax of the method arguments is currently
no consolidated document acvailable, you should look into

1. xmlBlaster/src/dtd/XmlQos.xml gives an idea of the possibilities
2. The Javadoc API of e.g. org.xmlBlaster.client.PublishQosWrapper
   shows the current supported XML possibilities
3. The Requirement docs explain what QoS are doing

and finally the xmlBlaster/demo/javaclients files
show how to use it.
The very final definition of
what happens is the testsuite as this enforces the
server behaviour (xmlBlaster/testsuite/org/xmlBlaster)

I know this is not very pleasing but it is difficult
to find people for documentation.
On problems just ask in the mailing list again.



-- Marcel Ruff mailto:ruff at swand.lake.de http://www.lake.de/home/lake/swand/ http://www.xmlBlaster.org