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[xmlblaster] New subscriber, was: XmlBlaster Generated Email

On Tue, 28 May 2002 01:58:31 -0600
chenbo at softhome.net wrote:

> <xmlBlaster>
> <key oid='EmailDemo'/>

Doh!  When I subscribed to the XmlBlaster ML, I didn't expect to
receive messages in XML ;)

Let me present myself. I am a French CS student/Free software advocate
wo found a summer internship in a Chinese university's industrial
informatics lab.

I am to build a demo of a framework that would enable grand unified
monitoring stations to centralize the monitoring of multiple real-time
industrial control system, each having its own monitor tool
already. The monitor tools were of course not developped with
interoperability in mind.

So I'm trying to get something packed together on top of
XmlBlaster. I'm somewhat troubled by the apparent lack of
documentation, or did I miss something ? 

For example, if I refer to the Java demos, I can't find the proper
function to call when I want to start waiting for asynchronous
messages. The chat client uses a GUI, and calls nothing at all but its
show() method. Is that some Java magic?

I am willing to contribute some doc/demo once I feel confident enough
about my knowledge. That may take some time, though.

Have fun,
Thomas Tempe 
jabber ID: johnix at jabber.org

Never try to justify through conspiration theories 
what can be explained by sheer stupidity. 

Eg: the sept. 11. crashes were conspiration, but most of
the following liberticide laws were probably just stupidity.