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Re: [xmlblaster] Filtering/manipulating published messages

Cyrille Giquello wrote:

hi !

xmlBlaster has some many behaviors and options that I've not enough idea for using them !

The ideas come when you are using it in your next project ;-)

A publish plugin could for example eliminate identical
Imagine that multiple radar stations track the same
air plane. You could use the plugin to filter them and only pass one radar
position of the same air plane further.

Another use case could be to reject messages which are to big,
or you could write a regex plugin and reject messages
with unwanted content.

Another use case is mime conversion.
Imagine you receive documents in different formats like
staroffice, winword etc.
You could write a little plugin for those mime types
and convert all messages to PDF or into some XML esperanto
Thus in xmlBlaster all document would have a universal mime type.

Well, there are thousands more ideas what to do ...

best regards,




Marcel Ruff wrote:


there is a plugin framework available which allows
you to intercept published messages in the server.

You can reject messages or manipulate them on demand.
To do this, you need to write a little plugin with your specific

See the requirement for more details:




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