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Re: [xmlblaster] about XMLKey

刘 文 wrote:

>In xmlBlaster/src/dtd/XmlKey.xml, I find the following text:
>   <!-- Publishing message 4711 to client 'Ben' -->
>   <publish>
>      <key oid='4711' contentMime='text/xml'>
>         <AGENT id='' subId='1' type='generic'>
>            <DRIVER id='FileProof' pollingFreq='10'>
>            </DRIVER>
>         </AGENT>
>      </key>
>   </publish>
>The comment says that this message is published to 'Ben', but I can't find any info about 'Ben' in the key. what's the matter?
The XML-comment is wrong, the message has nothing to do with 'Ben'