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Re: [xmlblaster] Re: Delaying messages

Marcel Ruff wrote:

Bertrand-Raphael.Maquel at ses-astra.com wrote:

Thanks for your answers !

If I understand well, it is possible to store messages with an
InvocationRecorder (with FileRecorder for instance), and playback the
messages slowly, or even better at a max rate, right ?


This would be the perfect solution for me, as this max messages per second
rate could be set to fit within the ISDN bandwidth value !

You need to estimate the message sizes which is probably a bit unprecise...

If you need a bytes/sec limit instead of msg/sec you can easily adapt


with a method e.g.

 public void pullback(int bytesPerSec)

Just take a copy of pullback(float msgPerSec) and
change the msg with a summed bytes.

If you do so and are willing to donate it back to xmlBlaster
you need to add a testcase  for example in