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[xmlblaster] Administration with telnet and messages


the administration support over telnet and command-messages is released.

Please read
for more details.

You can remote monitor many things of xmlBlaster nodes and reconfigure
running xmlblaster servers.

Udo has build an SNMP MIB to do all those administrations over SNMP
but he has not released it yet.

Current ideas for further developments are:

* Heinrich proposed a testament manager, allowing to control xmlBlaster
 clients to for example restart them when they disappear.

* Another nice feature would be to extend command control to cover
 xmlBlaster clients. For example you can change the logging level of
 connected xmlBlaster clients over telnet/SNMP or messages over
 the xmlBlaster server.
 Or you can register a callback method to receive your customized
 administrative of client control commands (e.g. reload config).
  A client can send commands as well to generate for example
 an SNMP trap in xmlBlaster or restart other clients on CPU overload.