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Re: [xmlblaster] xml-rpc & CDATA ...

Cyrille wrote:

at connect time
xmlBlaster say :

   TRACE XmlRpc.AuthenticateImpl]
   Stripped CDATA tags surrounding security credentials,
   XML-RPC does not like it (Helma does not escape ']]>').
   This shouldn't be a problem as long as your credentials doesn't
contain '<'

when connect qos xml is :

<securityService type="htpasswd" version="1.0">


<securityService type="htpasswd" version="1.0">

I know it's not xmlBlaster specific,
but I think here some one know the reason ;o)

This was a problem we work around, i don't know
if a new Helma XmlRpc version has resolved it.
See for example
where the ConnectReturnQos is manipulated.