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Re: [xmlblaster] Durable QoS performance

Doug.Palmer at csiro.au wrote:

and perhaps you are not using same operating system ?
win 2000 for Doog and Linux for Marcel ??

That may have quite a lot to do with it, given the way messages are stored. There seems to be one message per oid stored at any one time in the filestore. Given that there are three files per message -- which seems a little over-excited -- and Win2k appears to make quite a meal out of opening a file, this makes for an obvious bottleneck.

Yes, the FileDriver is very primitive and we will throw it to garbage

That is the reason why Heinrich added XIndicee as persistent store,
but the perfomance is not overhelming - on his 1.x GHz Linux
he reported to store 300 msg/sec.

My plan is to extend the invocation recorder (add an index file) and
use this as persistent store in future, see

Here i have on my 600 MHz Linux ~ 1000 msg/sec for raw (non MoM) durable msg input
and output. This number will slow down a bit because of index etc. but it looks promising for me.

But as i said in a last mail i'm very busy the next weeks and can't address this issue this month.
If the issue is urgent you would need to code it yourself.

I think I must have the subscription model wrong, since I'm using oids. However, I can't see any other way of neatly encapsulating the subscription and all the examples seem to use oid <=> subject. Any suggestions?

The oid is one message, you can collect message to groups with XPath subscriptions.

While I'm on the subject. If I don't connect with this.connection.connect(null, this) for something which will be a subscriber, I get an exception

id=XmlBlasterConnection-guest.NoCallback reason=No callback server is
incarnated.  Please use XmlBlasterConnection - constructor with default
I_Callback given. 	at

But if I do set up a default I_Callback, I get every message, whether I've
explicitly subscribed to it or not. I only want to receive messages that
I've explicitly asked for. Is there any way of turning this off?

This is strange, the default callback only gets PtP messages and subcribed messages
which didn't specify an own Callback on subscription.
If i invoke 'java HelloWorld4' this seems to work fine.
The testsuite tests this with xmlBlaster/testsuite/org/xmlBlaster/TestSubDispatch.java