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[xmlblaster] about admin commands


I'm working on da perl demo code for xmlBlaster. So, I start with a very simple task : make a example that getting some server variables.
But I can't get it working.

The environement is :
xmlBlaster 0.79f  from CVS
and Perl and Frontier xml-rpc client.

I do a get with keyoid :

$messages = $server->get( "<key oid='/node/nodid/__cmd:?totalMem'></key>" );
$messages = $server->get( "<key oid='__cmd:?totalMem'></key>" );

but the server ansering :
[08/07/02 14:48 WARN RequestBroker-K3] get(): The key '__cmd:?totalMem' is not available.

Perhaps I miss something ?
Or that kinds of features are only available in 0.79g version ?
I had a look in testsuite and demo folder and can't find any example ...