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Re: [xmlblaster] xmlBlaster PHP demo

Cyrille Giquello wrote:

Hello xmlBlaster's users,

Another little demo for xmlBlaster openware ;o)
A simple PHP client script to access the more open middleware of da century !
look at CVS BRANCH_0_7_9g for files.

At least, you need a xmlBlaster server running somewhere

   - Start xmlBlaster
   $ cd xmlBlaster
   $ java -jar lib/xmlBlaster.jar


- On the same computer, or on another one, you'll need a http server with PHP langage activated.
- copy demo/php/xmlrpc/* demo files into a folder,
- call http://your.httpd.server/the.php.folder.demo/index.php
- fill some fields (server, port, user, password), then click "connect" button ...

nice & easy, isn't it ?

Impressing & rocking.

good morning,


xmlrpc.inc : xmlrpc for php by Edd Dumbill (C) 1999-2001 <edd at usefulinc.com>
xmlBlaster.inc : by cyrille at ktaland.com. The code is very very simple, need to be more robust.
Look at the README file for more info.

Good night,