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Re: [xmlblaster] Durable QoS performance


Subscribed clients have a callback queue to deliver all messages in sequence
(if no message priority is specified), so you have a virtual message history here
if a consuming client is slow in processing or unreachable for some time.

What happens if you have a sequence of durable, undelivered messages on the same oid and a subscriber is unreachable? The oid = persistence key seems to indicate that there's only one persisted message with a given oid in the system at one time. What I'm thinking of is the sequence

Subscriber Subscribes
Sensor sends message 1
Sensor sends message 2 [Can this happen before message 1 processed?]


Sensor sends message 3
Subscriber processes message 1
Subscriber processes message 2
Subscriber processes message 3

The callback queue is currently not durable, this issue
was discussed in another mail thread before.
It is one of the next issues to work on.
Contributions are welcome.