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Re: [xmlblaster] Writing apps. for xmlBlaster

On Thu, 18 Jul 2002, Jesper Noer Pedersen wrote:

>Hi all
>I'm writing a business application and I am considering to use xmlBlaster for
>network communcation instead of connecting a database directly, because
>connection to the client can be very slow and of bad quality.
>Would this be a good idea and how do you integrate the app. with xmlBlaster?
>Jesper Noer Pedersen
Using xmlBlaster is always a good idea ;-)

No joking, I think if you need to have some queueing for a none reliable
connection a MoM could be a solution.
Having one client on the DB side and another on the BusinessApp side,
the Mom would take care about the delivery. The Mom could be placed on
either side, the DB-Server as well as the BusinessServer.

A Mom would provide some uncoupling of data source and data drain.
And it could connect various Programming languages very easy.

Therefore I would xmlBlaster consider as a possible solution as far as I
can judge your requirements from your mail.

There are still some questions:
What about transactions in your appliacation?
What is the bandwith of your data transfer?
How about performance of the Applicationserver/client?

Have fun!