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Re: [xmlblaster] question about versions

Cyrille Cyrille wrote:

Hello, few weeks ago I used cvs checkout -r BRANCH_0_7_9g xmlBlaster after Marcel says use again the main branch.

so this morning I checkouted out xmlBlaster from cvs :
$ cvs checkout xmlBlaster

Then I did a build all, I can see version is 0.79dev in build log :

[xmlblaster at k3 xmlBlaster]$ ./build.sh -DADD_XML_PARSER=false -Ddebug=off -Doptimize=on all
Buildfile: build.xml

    [echo]  OS_FAMILY     = unix
    [echo] Build timestamp = 07/24/2002 11:51 AM version = 0.79dev

Is it a dev version ?
Is it enough for production ?

The 0.79g stable is not maintained any more. All changes from 0.79g where merged to the main branch.

0.79dev is as stable as anything else, since the testsuite passes.
Cyrille, i would recommend to use the newest develop-cvs.
You probably have an own testsuite for your problem domain
which ensures production stability in your case.

There are some severe bugs still open:

1. Dougs exception for volatile messages with his performance tests
2. Cyrille reported half a year ago that durable PtP messages where delivered
again on restart
3. liuwen's whish that on reconnect the same session is reused
4. Finish implementing message timout handling (reported by liuwen)

I think when these topics are resolved we should release version 0.8
Any comments?