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[xmlblaster] Using xmlblaster to push internet callbacks

 Hi all,
 It's been a while since I looked at xmlblaster and it's 
 great to see it still going from strength to strength !

 The reason I'm here again is because I'm looking for 
 a flexible, and efficient, way of pushing xml to internet
 clients through just about every firewall config 
 known :-)

 I know that xmlblaster has a http callback framework 
 but I've read in some postings to this list that a new 
 communications piece is being worked on. Can 
 anyone fill me in a bit more ?
 What I'm looking for is a java component I can embed
 in an applet and have updated across the internet where
 the client is most likely behind a NAT and firewalls and 
 the server is definitly behind firewalls. I am probably 
 able to get the server firewall opened for incoming 
 connections and outgoing traffic but I cannot assume 
 that the client can ( especially for applets ).

 Has anyone done this before in a reasonably large 
 scale system ( 100 - 1000 users ? ) or have any 
 alternative suggestions.
 Any help would be much appreciated :-)


"Tous pur un, un pour tous"

 Paul Power - OTG
 Cognotec Limited			
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* paul.power at cognotec.com
* www.cognotec.com

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