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Re: [xmlblaster] Get one message at a time + messages ack

Dimitri.Devriendt at ses-astra.com wrote:

Hi Marcel,

I have two questions related to the Point-to-Point communication :
1. Is there no other synchronous get() method that returns only one message
at a time instead of a list (MessageUnit[]) ?

No, one MessageUnit is just a subcase with MessageUnit.length==1

2. Is it not possible to force each destination of a PtP message to
acknowledge each received message so that XmlBlaster can delete it from its
cache. Actually what I want to do it the following :
     - a XmlBlaster client gets one PtP message
     - it handles this message
     - it acknowledges that message

This handshake is not enforced by xmlBlaster, the two participating
clients need to aggree on a client specific protocol.
If this feature is of general interest and generic describeable it could
be implemented as a new xmlBlaster feature.

So if my client crashes during the handling, the message is not lost.

This case should be covered by xmlBlaster, but i just have noticed
that a testcase is missing, i try to provide one ...

P.s. in my case all the messages are idempotent

That should simplify the use case.