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Re: [xmlblaster] Multi-homed machine

David Kerry wrote:

Hi Folks,

	I'm attempting to setup and configure xmlBlaster here on a machine
that has 6 nics.

	After getting everything just they way I wanted, I immediately
ran into the problem that xmlBlaster gives me no way to specify which
ip address to bind to for a given service.  The XML-RPC service in
particular is giving me a problem.

	How do I setup the XML-RPC service to do the following?:

	a) Bind to the wildcard address (any address - *.*.*.*)
	   or (even better)
	b) Bind to any subset of the configured IP addresses on
	   the machine.

Thank you


java org.xmlBlaster.Main -help

you find options for adjusting ports, hostnames etc for all protocols.