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Re: [xmlblaster] Xmlblaster via SSH channel

louafi wrote:


I want to use XmlBlaster via SSH channel but i 've some problems :(

My configuration is the folowing one :

1) I create SSH channels

On the client :
ssh -L 6040:server:3412 server
ssh -L 6043:server:6043 server #for the CallBack server connection

On the server :
ssh -L 6044:client:6044 client #for the CallBack client connection

2) I launch XmlBlaster server :

java -DOAIAddr=localhost -DOAPort=6043 -port 3412

3) I launch XmlBlaster client :

/java -DOAIAddr=localhost -DOAPort=6044 javaclients.ClientSub -hostname -port 6040

Hi Sebastien,

thanks for sharing your smart configuration with us.

I can see that the localhost fails on local nets.
I can imaginge those scenarios:

1. Use ssh on local net as well

2. If you have control on the internet clients:
Change 'localhost' to a specific IP (e.g.,
and add this IP to the internet clients ethernet setup (multihoming),
e.g. on Linux
ifconfig eth0:1
3. Use the SOCKET protocol over internet
With this setup (-client.protocol SOCKET on java)
the same socket is used for callbacks.
This way you don't need to specify any local callback host/port.
On client:

   ssh -L 7607:server:7607 server

On server:


Activate SOCKET in xmlBlaster.properties and start xmlBlaster

   java org.xmlBlaster.Main

 Start the client

java HelloWorld3 -client.protocol SOCKET -socket.hostname localhost -socket.port 7607

 Now the CORBA driver is not touched and reachable in the local net
 and the client HelloWorld3 is tunneled secure with SSH

The possible SOCKET parameters are:
SocketDriver options:
-socket.port The SOCKET server port [7607].
-socket.hostname Specify a hostname where the SOCKET server runs.
Default is the localhost.
-socket.SoTimeout How long may a socket invocation block [60000] msec.
-socket.responseTimeout Max wait for the method return value/exception [60000] msec.
-socket.backlog Queue size for incoming connection request [50].
-socket.threadPrio The priority 1=min - 10=max of the listener thread [5].
-socket.debug 1 or 2 switches on detailed SOCKET debugging [0].
4. If you need CORBA on both sides, you could add another
protocol plugin for CORBA.
Currently this is not possible just by configuration
(you would need to take a copy of the corba driver
and change the protocol type 'IOR' to something else
like 'IOR2' under which you configure the plugin).

Is it OK if we add your configuration to our FAQ?



PS: One final note: The SOCKET driver is not released for production
yet. We need doing a final code review,
to tune the performance and for multi threading issues.

It works fine but i can't connect using the default method (without SSH channels...) because the callback adresses are localhost.

I don't know how to do :(. I want to use XmlBlaster via SSH channels
from internet connections and without ssh channels from LAN connections.

Any idea ?

Thanks and have a good day.