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Re: [xmlblaster] HelloWorld2 and repeated messages

> >Using 0.79f, if I run the HelloWorld2 demo once, it
> >works fine. If I run it a second time without
> >stopping/restarting the server, the HelloWorld2
> demo
> >receives the message twice:
> To avoid it there are three possibilities:


> 3. You can supress on subscribe the initial message
> update
> See 

Forgive me if you know this already...

I tried using SubscribeQosWrapper per the example, but
that code has not been written yet in xmlBlaster.
Looks like the docs are in advance of the
implementation, or at least in advance of 0.7.9f.

If this is implemented in CVS and not in 0.7.9f, maybe
the requirements pages should indicate when it's been

Mark Murphy
mmurphy000 at yahoo.com

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