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Re: [xmlblaster] how to reduce number of thread

Cyrille Giquello wrote:


I think I've already ask about that but ...

I try to run xmlBlaster with only xml-rpc protocol.
commande line option :
-port 0 -xmlrpc.hostname -xmlrpc.port 40001 -ior.port 0 -socket.port 0 -socket.backlog 2

but xmlBlaster still listening on port 33614. how to stop that port ?
I think it is that stuff making many threads (about 20 !!)

I don't need many clients to connect, only  1 or 2.


java org.xmlBlaster.Main -port -1 -cluster.node.id myServer -cb.minimumPoolSize 2

-port switches http port off, and set a nice name for the xmlBlaster node.

Most threads are from the CbWorkerPool thread pool.
This preallocates default 10 threads, reduce it with e.g.:

   -cb.minimumPoolSize 2

Further switch off all not used protocols.

You should end up with around 12 thread (some from Java, and some from xmlBlaster timers).
Just look at the threads with a debugger or kill -3 dump.