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Re: [xmlblaster] about testcase for a 2MByte message

Cyrille Giquello wrote:

hello Marcel,

olleh elliryC,

A long time ago, I did some test with big messages, and the problem was that xmlBlaster blocking while message transfering, so no new messages can arrive before the big message transfert was finished ...

What do you think ??

I think it is not very nice!

I think (i have not tried) that this should not
happen with corba, as we have the 'one Thread per request'
policy switched on.
I don't know how XmlRpc is implemented, but the
current SOCKET protocol is 'one thread per client'
so here your observation should be correct.
(Probably i should add a thread pool to the socket protocol as well)

Could you please take a copy of


name it something like CyrilleBigMessageAndASmallOne.java

and try to add a CORBA testcase showing this problem?

I'm currently trying to build a release 0.80 and probably
your case should be addressed in this release.




Marcel Ruff wrote:

Date:    Wednesday September 11, 2002  at  20:34
Author:    ruff

Update of /opt/cvsroot/xmlBlaster/testsuite/org/xmlBlaster/stress
In directory server:/tmp/cvs-serv15995

Added Files:
    BigMessage.java Makefile Log Message:
Added testcase for a 2MByte message