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Re: [xmlblaster] Ant task for requirements (added)

Peter Antman wrote:

I have added an ant task to generate the requirements, do you want me to
check it in together with the other stuff - it requires me to add the
optionals.jar and xalan to the libs.


Hi Peter,

this task exists since last week, please check out xmlBlaster.
You should subscribe the xmlblaster-devel list as well,
it was announced there:

<echo message=" javadocs --> generates the javadoc documentation"/>
<echo message=" javadocs-delete --> remove the above"/>
<echo message=" html --> generates the html file of each java/cpp/python ... file in same directory"/>
<echo message=" html-delete --> remove the above"/>
<echo message=" requirements--> generates html files for all xml requirements"/>
<echo message=" requirements-delete --> remove the above"/>
<echo message=" whitepaper --> generates html and pdf files for our xml whitepaper"/>
<echo message=" whitepaper-delete --> remove the above"/>
<echo message=" docs --> does javadoc, source-html, requirements and whitepaper"/>
<echo message=" docs-delete --> remove the above"/>

thanks and regards,


PS: For your MDB EJB plugin you should update xmlBlaster from
cvs daily to minimize merges.