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Re: [xmlblaster] about Log & Jutils

Marcel Ruff wrote:

Cyrille Giquello wrote:


A question about Log :

I would like to have a LogDeviceFile that logging trace, call, etc ...
and another LogDeviceFile that logging only error & warning.

in Log.java you can set the loglevel for da LogChannel but not for each LogDevice.
Is it possible ? Is Jutils.Log has this behavior ? What is the philosophy to do that ?


cat xx.log | grep -E "TRACE|DEBUG|CALL" > trace.log; cat xx.log | grep -E "ERROR|WARN" > error.log

;o) Thanls Marcel, I know that ... ;o)

It's not what I need.

2 stories are :

first (my dream) :
1- need a full log file on disk in case of error, in application or in data processing.
2 - writing LogDeviceEmail.java
3 - set LogDeviceEmail logLevel to ERROR & WARN
4 - send email for each log.

second (real production) :
1 - the app is running on a ibm AS400, and there is a minimal shell, with no grep, no *nix like tools.
2 - a woman is responsable of all applications log, backup, maintenance stuff ... It will be easyer for her to have to look at a short (or empty) error.log file every morning.

If this behavior doesn't exists (setting logLevel for each LogDevice) perhaps there are some reasons ?
If no reasons, perhaps I can try to add this feature., if jutils authors find this fine enough ;o)