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[xmlblaster] XmlBlaster MBean and other stuff

just wanted to say I just commited a bunch of new stuff:

1. New XMLParser handling. The parser are now retrieved from Global.
   Global uses the new util.JAXPFactory to be able to load JAXP
   factories that are not specifyed as a system param.

2. The j2ee.ke (JCA ra) has been updated to work in JBoss 3.0. It is now
   also based on the session login stuff, so the Pseudouser stuff is not
   nedded any more.

3. A new XmlBlaster MBean, for deployment in JMX servers has been added
   under org.xmlBlaster.j2ee.jmx. It is currently geared toward
   deployment in a JBoss server.

4. Changed the requrements generation to use plain ant/style stuff.

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