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Re: [xmlblaster] Shutdown of server

pra at mint.se wrote:

On 19 Sep, Marcel Ruff wrote:

pra at mint.se wrote:

On 19 Sep, Marcel Ruff wrote:

Peter Antman wrote:

On 19 Sep, Marcel Ruff wrote:

Could you please add a


into setExit() to find out who calls it?

Here you have it:

The only point i know of where we send an admin command 'exit' is the last
test of our testsuite:


This is needed that when the tests are run from ant, the tests are returning,
to be ready to generate the html reports ...

Does this happen during running the testsuite??


If yes, StopXmlBlaster is called in AllTests.java, we could add a property
to switch it on/off from outside

It more that I am onconfortable with the fact that there are commands in
XmlBlaster that may take down the server its embedded in.

If xmlBlaster runs alone, it is normal to have an exit hook.

If running embeded : Probably we should add a parameter which
allows disabling exit().


Yea, thats probably the way: isEmbedded

I have added (see cvs) this option:

 -xmlBlaster.isEmbedded true

default is false, setting it to true prevents System.exit()